Ardesto glass electric kettles with LED-lightning

Ardesto glass electric kettles with LED-lightning

New four models  of glass electric kettles are presented — two basic EKL-1303 and EKL-1309, as well as two kettles with extended functionality — EKL-1311HB and EKL-1319HW. The kettles are 1.8 liters capacity, the platform stand provides a 360° rotation.

The platform, base and handles in the base models EKL-1303 and EKL-1309 are made of black polycarbonate and brushed metal. Kettles with advanced functionality — Ardesto EKL-1311HB and EKL-1319HW are made of similar materials, but their platforms received glass surfaces. The main part of the kettles is made of durable tempered glass with volume marks — 0.5 l, 1 l, 1.5 l and 1.8 l.

For comfortable use there is a convenient handle with an opening button. Ardesto EKL-1309 is turned on with a key located on the handle, and a separate key for the activation of the EKL-1303 is located at the bottom of the kettle. The wire length of the base models is 80 cm.

The control of kettles with enhanced functionality — Ardesto EKL-1311HB and EKL-1319HW, is implemented on a stand with a display and a touch panel. There are seven modes of heating and maintaining the temperature of water for different types of tea, coffee, milk and water with honey. Wire length is 70 cm.

The performance of the Ardesto glass teapots is accompanied by a blue LED lightning, which turns off when the water boils.

The heating element is hidden. Its effective location with a power of 1800 W does not overload the grid and allows not only to significantly reduce energy consumption, but also to ensure faster achievement of a given temperature. Due to this, less energy is consumed and the house ecology is maintained. It also provides reliable protection against overheating and automatic shutdown in the absence of water.

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Powerfull Ice Maker Ardesto IM-12D

The Ardesto IM-12D icemaker has a stylish and practical case. It is equipped with a touch control panel, operation indicators and a window for visual control of the amount of ice. The maximum performance of Ardesto IM-12D is 12 kg of ice per day.

Juicers Ardesto – vitamins and nutrients charge

New category of Ardesto appliances for the kitchen has received three models – one centrifugal JEG-1000 and two masticating juicers – JEG-1330S and JEG-1330SL. With their help you can quickly prepare the juice from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, berries and even greens and nuts. The centrifugal model JEG-1000 is suitable for fast preparation, and the masticating JEG-1330S and JEG-1330SL, due to low-speed juicing technology maximum extraction of nutrients without oxidation.

New Ardesto refrigerators with No Frost Cooling

The category of refrigerators has expanded with two full-size models — DNF-320W and DNF-D338X. No frost-cooling effectively distributes the flow of cold air into the inner chambers and prevents the formation of condensation and freezing. Handles for opening are external, they made of high-quality brushed aluminum.

Electric convectors Ardesto:  fast and safe heating

The category of climatic equipment has been replenished with four new models. Models CH-1500MCW with the power of 1500 W and CH-2000MCW with the power of 2000 Watts contain a closed heating element with external fins – a product of the German company Eihenauer. The mechanical control consists of a key switch with a protective pad and a rotary power regulator.