Ardesto Pans with innovative covering Xylan Plus® and QuanTanium®

Ardesto Pans with innovative covering Xylan Plus® and QuanTanium®

There is a major update in the category of Ardesto cookware. Meet new frying pans of the Gemini and BLACK MARS series in different colors and sizes. New products have an innovative Xylan Plus® and QuanTanium® covering developed by Whitford. With this covering you can cook your favorite dishes with a little oil.

At the base of the Xylan Plus® covering, which is used in the Gemini series, is Teflon. With proper care Teflon is durable, easy to clean, and food does not burn.

Titanium is used as the base of QuanTanium® in BLACK MARS series. With this type of covering you can use metal accessories, except of sharp items. QuanTanium® covering is strong and does not lose its protective properties for a long time. It is also easy to clean and the food on it does not burn.

All new items are available in our catalog, get more information about the properties and find out where to buy Ardesto pans at the link.

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