ARDESTO Pink Touch is a modern hair care devices line

ARDESTO delights beauty enthusiasts with stylish devices that transform everyday hair styling into true art. Each device from the Pink Touch line embodies compactness, convenience, power and quality. Discover a new level of hair care with ARDESTO Pink Touch and make daily styling a pleasant and easy task.

ARDESTO Straightener Pink Touch

(Product code: HS-R300PT)

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, this cordless straightener provides up to 60 minutes of continuous operation, allowing to create the desired hairstyle anywhere and anytime. Thanks to three temperature modes (160, 180 and 200 °C) and a digital LED display, the user can easily control the intensity of heat, adjusting the optimal temperature according to the needs. Ceramic plates ensure even distribution of heat and smooth sliding, preventing hair damage. This straightener is suitable for all types of hair, including damaged and thin, and its mobility makes it an indispensable travel companion.

ARDESTO Hair Dryer Brush Pink Touch

(Product code: HD-CR300PT)

This multi-function styling tool comes with five attachments: a hair dryer brush for curling, two hair dryer brushes for drying and volumizing, curling tongs for creating basal volume and a hair dryer concentrator. Thanks to the Cool Shot function and ionization technology, the ARDESTO Brush Pink Touch provides gentle and effective drying and styling, ensuring hair health and shine. With two temperature/speed modes and a convenient 1.8 m cable that rotates 360°, this device provides maximum convenience during use. In one elegant model, the user gets the functionality of several tools, which ensures not only budget savings, but also space in a drawer or a travel bag during a trip.

ARDESTO Hair Dryer Pink Touch

(Product code: HD-R300PT)

The model is equipped with a powerful motor, two speed and three temperature modes, allowing to adjust the drying process according to the needs, while the ionization technology ensures additional shine and a healthy look for your hair. A unique feature of the hair dryer is the LED ring on the back of the case, which serves as a bright indicator of the selected temperature mode. This feature not only adds a stylish design accent, but also simplifies usage by providing easy control over current settings. In addition, thanks to innovative magnetic attachments that easily attach and detach, styling becomes incredibly quick and convenient. Forget about complicated attachments or the risk of losing attachments during use – the magnetic system ensures strong fixation and easy replacement.

All devices from the ARDESTO Pink Touch line are made in an elegant gray-pink design, emphasizing elegance and modernity.

Don’t waste time and update the beauty arsenal with ARDESTO Pink Touch!

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