Ardesto presents cooking utensils — BLACK MARS, Luna and Alcor

Ardesto presents cooking utensils — BLACK MARS, Luna and Alcor

You should have a lot of cooking utensils to cook a large number of dishes. Ardesto provides durable and high quality kitchenware of the BLACK MARS, Luna and Alcor series that meet all the needs of household welfare.

The BLACK MARS and Luna series cookware is made of stainless steel alloy 18/10 in Turkey. The kitchenware is compatible with all types of plates, including the induction. All items are dishwasher safe.

The BLACK MARS series consists of four-dimensional stainless steel pots, stewpot, and also cezve. The Luna series has two small pots. Pots are supplied with heat-resistant glass covers. Ardesto stainless steel dishes are compatible with all types of cooker.

Alcor aluminum pans have a multilayer non-stick coati with a granite structure, developed by PFLUON. With appropriate care the coating is durable, it is easy to clean, and the food does not burn. The Alcor pans are compatible with almost all types of cookers – gas, electric and ceramic, except for induction cookers.

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