Ardesto presents new microwave ovens

Ardesto presents new microwave ovens

There are six microwave ovens in the Ardesto model range. Four basic models – GO-E725S, GO-S725W, MO-S720W, MO-S730W and two models with built-in grill – MO-G730S and MO-G740W.

Conventional, basic models with a capacity of 20 liters and a power of 700 W are useful for heating up cooked meal and drinks, as well as cooking simple dishes such as vegetables, potatoes, meat and cereals.

The case is metal and the internal chamber is covered with enamel, perforation and an internal ventilation system provide effective cooling. Rotating glass disk provides an equal distribution of microwaves.

All microwave ovens are equipped with a comfortable handle. In microwave ovens, both mechanical and electronic control are implemented (depending on the model).

Microwave ovens with a grill, MO-G730S and MO-G740W, are the best choice not only for warming up cooked food and drinks, but also for cooking and baking various dishes such as pizza, baked goods, meat, vegetables, fish, spaghetti, potatoes and croup.

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Ardesto presents beauty and health products!

The range of Ardesto brand has expanded to include new health and beauty products. Hair dryers, variety of curling and straightening irons, as well as a hair straightening brush are all now available for you. All new items are made in premium black and gold colors.

A new arrival to Ardesto freezers – vertical model URM-160M

Vertical white freezer URM-160M will be a great choice for households and small stores. Energy saving class is A+. There are five compartments for products storage. The capacity is 157 liters. The height of the chamber is 142 cm and the width and depth are 55 cm. The weight is 42 kg.