Ardesto scales for weight control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Ardesto scales for weight control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Scales are vitally important for body weight control and sustaining healthy life. Ardesto presents two body scales models – design SCB-965, basic SCB-921 and kitchen scales SCK-893 in two colors.

Model SCB-965 has an exclusive design. A pattern with three-dimensional circles provides the weights the properties of a fashionable accessory for room. The contrasting LED display is used for displaying the results, the scales have mechanical control. Two units of measurement are available – kg and lb. The comparison function will allow you to see the changes between past and current performance, and the built-in thermometer will determine the ambient temperature.

Ardesto SCB-921 – scales from transparent glass. They look great in any interior. Three weight units are available: kg, lb and st. The results are displayed on a monochrome liquid crystal display, the control – mechanical.

Model SCK-893W is made in a minimalist style, and SCK-893 has in exclusive Italian design, with a multi-colored pattern tile. Two weighing units are available – g and lb:oz, as well as two additional measures – water and milk. The units of measurement are milliliter and liquid ounce. During weighing you can reset the measurement to zero, as well as reset the tare weight. The control – touch.

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