ARDESTO X3 Gas Water Heater for Comfort Without Compromise!

In April, ARDESTO is updating its product range by adding the X3 gas flowing water heater.

A special feature of the X3 model is its suitability for installation in rooms without a chimney. This makes the water heater a good solution for apartments and houses.

Elegance and functionality are successfully combined in the ARDESTO X3’s minimalist design. The closed housing with a white panel and a square black digital touch screen not only simplifies operation and monitoring, but also adds a touch of sophistication to almost any interior style. With its compact size (580 × 350 × 160 mm), the water heater is suitable even for small rooms – both kitchens and bathrooms.

The technological heart of this device – an oxygen-free copper heat exchanger – ensures high heat transfer efficiency. The well-thought-out design and intuitive control unit make it convenient and easy to operate.

User safety is a priority for ARDESTO. With this in mind, the X3 flowing water heater is equipped with overheating and overpressure protection, and the turbo exhaust fan with stainless steel exhaust pipe effectively removes combustion products, guaranteeing safety and comfort.


  • Productivity 10 l/min
  • Power 20 kW
  • Closed body with white panel and digital touch screen
  • Heat exchanger made of oxygen-free copper 1.8 kg
  • Turbine exhaust fan with stainless steel exhaust pipe
  • Proportional inlet valve
  • Gas type: liquefied or natural gas
  • Gas pressure 1,300-2,000 MPa
  • 5-row gas burner
  • Overheating protection
  • Excessive water pressure protection
  • Electric ignition

Feel the comfort of the ARDESTO TFGBH-10T-X3-WHITE gas water heater, which exceeds expectations and makes your life more comfortable!

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