Juicers Ardesto – vitamins and nutrients charge

Juicers Ardesto – vitamins and nutrients charge

New category of Ardesto appliances for the kitchen has received three models – one centrifugal JEG-1000 and two masticating juicers – JEG-1330S and JEG-1330SL. With their help you can quickly prepare the juice from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, berries and even greens and nuts. The centrifugal model JEG-1000 is suitable for fast preparation, and the masticating JEG-1330S and JEG-1330SL, due to low-speed juicing technology maximum extraction of nutrients without oxidation.

Designed by Italian specialists Ardesto juicers are made of high quality polycarbonate and stainless steel with a polished covering. This combination emphasizes the reliability and elegance of the style that will decorate any interior.

The centrifugal technology in JEG-1000 uses a special high-performance grater and a steel filter for extraction of juice. Thanks to a 1000W engine, two operating modes and reverse functions, you can quickly prepare juice from different fruits, vegetables, greens and berries.

Juicers JEG-1330S and JEG-1330SL are equipped with an engine with a power of 200 W and protection against overheating. Due to low speed work (90 revolutions per minute), juice does not have time to oxidize and saves all the vitamins and nutrients. Masticating juicing technology allows you to make juice from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts. You can come up with any combination – apples, citrus fruits, soft fruits with high starch content – bananas, mangoes, solid vegetables – beets, carrots and pumpkin. It is possible to make almond milk from almonds and green fresh will provide you with energy for the whole day.

All components are designed for a long lifetime with a high level of load. The safety mechanism provides starting only after a complete assembly of the device. The rubberized non-slip legs of the motor block provide reliable fixing on the table while working. The design provides easy and quick cleaning: the parts are easily washed with water.

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