ARDESTO white porcelain tableware: the elegant art of serving

In today’s world where simplicity is a priority, elegant classic porcelain still holds a special place. Porcelain not only emphasizes the taste and style of the owner, but also creates home comfort in everyday life and a festive atmosphere in the most refined restaurant. ARDESTO white porcelain tableware collection is designed to transform ordinary tableware into a truly elegant art. The products are distinguished by their quality, elegant design and luxurious appearance, adding a special charm to any event.

What is the advantage?

Among the main advantages of products from ARDESTO Porcelain collection is durability, as cracks and chips rarely appear on dishes. Thanks to firing at a temperature of 1400 °C, the material becomes as dense and non-porous as possible, so products made of it serve for many years.

Manufacturing material

Durable porcelain is resistant to abrasion and scratches that can occur during the use of cutlery. Also, due to heating at high temperature, the material acquires the qualities of glass, which promotes hygiene – it does not absorb fat and odor, and bacteria do not form on the surface.

In addition, ARDESTO porcelain dishes have low thermal conductivity, which ensures long-term maintenance of the temperature of favorite dishes and drinks.


ARDESTO porcelain does not lose its original color and does not fade due to frequent washing. Such dishes can be washed in a dishwasher, as they have a smooth texture, and are also acceptable for use in a microwave oven and an oven.

For every taste

Regardless of whether you are planning a family dinner, a romantic lunch or celebrating a solemn event, among the assortment of ARDESTO Porcelain you will find tableware that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding aesthetes.

It is surprisingly easy to choose your taste by discovering ARDESTO Porcelain collections: elegant classics – the Imola collection or modern minimalism – the Prato collection.

From classic and elegant to minimalist and modern design styles, ARDESTO Porcelain collection offers endless possibilities for creating a stylish and unique table setting.